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reCAPTCHA enabled

4/15/2017 10:40 AM

reCAPTCHA enabled on parts of site to reduce spam and fake accounts/reviews. 

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https sitewide

3/11/2017 4:36 PM

Site has been updated to sitewide https. 


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Site Updated

2/13/2017 7:31 PM

Just a small update to the site. Most noticable is the addition of the menu on the left side of main page. 

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Kit Updates

8/28/2016 2:20 PM

 Changed the kits, you are now able to add frame mounts to the kits as well as remove the conversion manual from some kits.


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email from ryan

8/28/2016 1:46 PM

Comment: do you ship to ontario canada ?


A: yes


Additional info: The way shipping to Canada works is you place the order then we bill you seperately via Paypal for the shipping. Unfortunatly this is the only way we can ship to Canada at the moment.

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